Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between Torch and a smoke detector?

We are in fact inspired by the concept of indoor smoke detectors! We’re excited to finally detect outdoor fires as early and confidently as we do indoors. However, Torch is much more than a smoke detector: each sensor is equipped with multiple different sensors, which continuously measure heat signals, gasses and spectrally-filtered images. An intelligent algorithm analyzes all of these variables simultaneously to deliver the most accurate detection on the market.

How was the Torch technology tested?

We have done a number of short and longer-term tests across various prescribed burning locations in California: mainly in Sonoma, Napa Valley, and Butte counties. Our focus during testing was minimizing the time between a fire starting and our sensors being able to detect it. We were able to achieve remarkably accurate results, where some sensors were able to detect a flame even before it was visible with a human eye. We’re continuing to perform a wide range of testing on various burns and geographies to maximize Torch’s accuracy.

How many Torch Sensors do I need to protect my property?

The number depends on the size of your property. Please click here for our easy-to-use device calculator.

Can I be confident there won’t be false alarms?

An intelligent algorithm analyzes multiple variables in real-time to give both line-of-site and non-line-of-site measurements. Moreover, Torch Sensors analyze the dynamic changes in sensor readings, looking for time-based clues of a fire. For example, the device tracks the relative location of the sun, can discern between fog and smoke, and doesn’t sound a warning until multiple variables have been confirmed. Potential false positives such as other heat sources, bright light, sun reflections, fog, and many others were thoroughly tested by our team.

What is the range of each Torch Sensor?

To accurately detect fires at an early stage, we recommend placing one Torch Sensor every 10 acres. At this spacing, you ensure that you’re notified of any flame as small 4x4 ft (usually much smaller).

How do I set up my Torch Sensor?

In the delivery box, you will receive your Torch Sensor(s) and a small Wi-Fi Hub device. Mount it on a tree, pole or building on your property – at your own height or slightly higher. You’ll also receive a small Torch hub that sits in your house. Simply connect this hub to power and Wi-Fi (The hub will then support all of your sensors outside without their own internet connection). Lastly, a QR code is given so you can download the Torch App (for iPhone and Android). In the app, you’ll press a plus (+) button to add your Torch Sensor. This entire process takes minutes, making it easy to get Torch functioning and detecting.

How durable is the Torch Sensor?

The only limiting factor of Torch Sensors is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery life, which is designed to last for 5+ years. It is built to survive harsh environments, including smoke, fog, and storms. The sensors can function even in the most remote environments without power or internet. Each Torch Sensor automatically runs diagnostics 24/7, so if there’s an issue with the device, an SMS message, and in-app notification will be sent to you. These messages will inform you about the next steps to take.

What happens when I pre-order?

On the pre-order page, you’ll submit your card details via the Pre-order page to reserve your product – but you won’t be charged today. If you wish to edit the quantity of devices, your address, or card number at any time, please contact our support team at When devices are ready to ship in late 2023, we will contact you to confirm that you still want the product. Once you give us confirmation, your payment will be transacted and we’ll ship your Torch delivery to your chosen address.

Is there a warranty and refund available?

Yes, 60-day no-questions-asked returns are available. If you’re not satisfied with Torch for any reason, you can get your money back. There is also a one-year warranty available. If there is a technical malfunction, you can receive a Torch Sensor replacement.

Is Torch available outside of the United States?

Yes! Torch is available in 90+ countries, please see the full list in the Pre-order page checkout form.

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