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Early Fire Detection Sensor

Your Torch sensor confidently detects fires as small as 2x2 feet – when placed every 10 acres on your property.

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Don’t lose precious minutes to an undetected fire.

Human detection is often too late. Torch sensors work 24/7 to quickly send emergency alerts straight to your phone.

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Torch sensor

Ultra-early detection. When it comes to fire, seconds matter


Minutes on average until Torch to detect a burning flame

High accuracy
Detects fires even outside the line of sight.

One Torch device has multiple infrared cameras, visible cameras, and gas sensors. An intelligent algorithm never stops analyzing your environment – so it can detect fires early with high accuracy.

Harsh weather survival
Endures rainy days, smoke & more

Torch is built to function through harsh weather:the device is resistant to UV, dust, water, pollution, and extreme winds.. No matter if there’s a storm or raging fire – you can trust Torch to alert you in time.

Easy installation
Set up in minutes. Works for years

Torch sensors don’t require specialized equipment to install, and can be mounted at your own height. Attach your Torch device to a tree, pole or building. Connect to your app. And it’s ready to go.

Torch app

Quick warnings can save your property.

Instant fire alert notifications sent to you. Your loved ones. Or your employees.

Immediate fire warning notifications
Stay alert when you’re on-the-go

You’ll only ever receive notifications when Torch detects a high-probability of fire on your property. 

Sleep better at night, knowing that Torch keeps you safe from undetected fires.

One app – multiple properties,users & devices
Allow other people to receive alerts

Torch allows unlimited users to monitor your sensors – including your loved ones and co-workers. Stay safe, even if you miss a fire alert notification.

The Torch app is available on your smartphone, tablet and desktop.

See all your data. In real-time
One app - all sensor data at your fingertips

You can view the probability of an active fire at any time. Your Torch device measures and analyzes important variables 24/7: including the thermal signal, spectral characteristics, and gases.

Your Torch app never stops showing the probability of an active fire.

How early is Early Detection?

Let's compare Torch Sensor's fire detection speed to existing solutions

How early is Early Detection?

Let's compare Torch Sensor's fire detection speed to existing solutions

Let's compare Torch Sensor's fire detection speed to existing solutions

Torch SensorTM

1-10 minutes

Gas alarms

30-60 minutes

Camera detectors

1-5 hours


5-24 hours

Who is Torch for?

If your area is at high risk of fires, early warnings are a must- have.


You can sleep better at night knowing you’ll receive an early warning if a fire starts on your property. Add your family members – and anyone else – to your account to take action and manage the fire.


As the owner of a vineyard, ranch or farm – your land can’t afford to become destroyed by fires. Receive early alerts and save your property from losing money in damages Torch gives you time to take action.


Whether you own a hotel, resort, golf course, B&B or inn – your property is your business. Early alerts can help you save your property from destruction. You can add trusted coworkers to your Torch app account – so even if you miss the notification, others can still see it and take action.


Place Torch sensors along power lines, to detect fires caused by power line failure or brush ignition adjacent to your assets. You can use early alerts from Torch to mitigate risk caused by your ignition.


You can purchase multiple Torch sensors to cover locations with high-risk of outdoor fires.This includes national parks and forests, as well as private land. This widespread distribution approach is similar to existing indoor smoke detectors. Protect your community, protect the environment.

Don’t feel helpless in the face of outdoor fires. Using Torch is simple:

How to use Torch:

  • Mount your Torch sensor on your property
  • Connect to your Torch hub.
  • All done. Leave Torch to work for 5+ years.

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